About Bloodline

BloodLine was launched in December of 1995 at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting. Initially, it was a reference site containing links to important hematology sites and resources on the Internet. Over the years, the site has gone through many major revisions with the aim of placing more emphasis on the publication of original content and improving the site’s editorial focus and scientific validity.
Bloodline, a publication of Carden Jennings Publishing Co., Ltd., is dedicated to furthering and enhancing the fields of hematology and oncology through the presentation of knowledge in the following manners:

  • The publication of original clinical and laboratory research.
  • The creation of comprehensive reference works that are continuously useful to clinicians and researchers in the blood sciences.
  • The creation and dissemination of educational materials.
  • The publication of new and emerging science presented at conferences worldwide.
  • The archiving of a comprehensive library of third-party resources of ongoing interest to clinicians and researchers.
  • The maintenance of a means for clinicians and researchers to interact.
  • The presentation of material in an easy-to-use networked format.

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